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Youth Aliyah: Planting and Nurturing the Seeds of Hope and Opportunity

They come from different backgrounds: Russian, Ethiopian, even Israeli. They are teenagers with nothing--and everything--in common. They are the children of Youth Aliyah. Adolescents confronting the personal issues common to everyone their age, they carry the additional burdens of disadvantages could sentence them to unhappy and unproductive lives.

Youth Aliyah is an organization in Israel that addresses the diverse needs of these adolescents from all over the world. Solace, support and a second chance are offered by Youth Aliyah, where participants live, work and study in a community that fosters individual growth and independent initiative. For many youngsters, mostly ages 16 to 18, and some only 12 to 14, Youth Aliyah is their only family.

In Israel today, nearly half a million Jews live below the poverty line. Many are second- or third-generation immigrant families who, unfortunately, have never been able to fully integrate into Israeli society. Thousands of children live with dysfunctional parents, encountering drug abuse, alcoholism and violence in their daily lives. Other youngsters, from the former USSR, have been subject to anti-Semitism, discrimination and limited access to higher education. Still more youths have escaped from war-torn Ethiopia, rescued from disease and famine, arriving in Israel with nothing but hope. Whether they are high school drop-outs by choice or by chance, they all lack the skills necessary to learn, to grow and to function in today's modern world.

Youth Aliyah provides hope and more to these young people through a system of educational residential villages and day centers; with health education programs; in vocational training; offering exposure to and encouragement in art, dance, music and athletics; supporting and guiding parents with parental involvement programs and more. Youth Aliyah plants the seeds of the future in the teens who may otherwise have fallen through the cracks of society. With a warm, nurturing atmosphere supported by experts in education, psychology and immigrant absorption, these children can blossom and grow, as Youth Aliyah turns a desert of missed opportunities into an oasis of endless potential.

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